Spring Sports

By Sports Staff

Girls Tennis

Record Overall: 1-3 Record PIL: 0-2

Summary of Season since last write up: The tennis team was able to get in two more matches before the district competition. They played Madison and Lincoln, losing both games just barely. The team bounced back from the losses well at the district match. Of the 12 girls that went, nine of them won their first match. Natalie Alper and the doubles team of Sophie James and Emma Gustafson lost their first matches, but then continued in the consolation bracket. Haiying Kuang made the finals while Elena Breedlove made the third round.


Individual Highlights: Sophomore Haiying Kuang placed third at the district tournament and qualified for the state tournament on May 18.


Coach’s Quote(s): The season is now over for the rest of the team (Except Haiying Kuang). Besides the weather and lack of matches, we had a great season!” said coach Betsy Sauer.


Player quote(s): “It was a great season, even though we only got a few matches in we played great at districts and are all proud of Haiying,”  said senior Maggie Winicki.
Fun Fact: The team played four out of 13 scheduled matches this season due to the rainy spring.


Girls Rugby

Record Overall: 4-2

Summary of Season since last write up:

While the team struggled in the first half of the season because of the team’s lack of size and their lack of players, a transition into the Rugby Girls 10s league proved beneficial to the team’s success. They won their last 4 after losing their first two. The team is looking to play in the Plate Final during the State Championship in a battle for third place overall. Their dominance in the Girls 10s league was showcased by wins such as their 49-15 victory over Centennial.

Individual Highlights:

Karissa Postula has had an exceptional season along with team captains Melissa Lynch and Camille Galvez. Postula has led the team so far in goals and tackles, proving her absolute dominance over most of their opponents.

Coach’s Quote(s):

“Our passing and coaching skills are better than other teams, so we keep the ball moving to tire them out.” – Coach Royle Johnson

Fun Fact: In an attempt to recruit more players for next year, the team will host its Girls 7s league over the summer. Coach Johnson says that the team is in need of some big girls who can up the team’s level of physicality. New girls are absolutely welcome to the team!


Team: Boys Tennis

Record Overall:  5-4 Record PIL: 4-3

Summary of Season since last write up:

After starting 2-2 with two rainouts affecting the season’s fluidity and amount of practice, the  team finished the season going 3-2. Doubles stars Ismayn and Riyaz Ditter and dominant singles players such as Zach Smith continued to perform well until the season’s end. When the district tournament arrived in early May, the team had to elevate their play to even higher levels. The team finished in fouth place out of eight teams with 12 points between their singles and doubles players.

Individual Highlights: Junior twins Ismayn and Riyaz Ditter finished the district meet 2-1 against their opponents and earned four points for their team. Vaughn Overall and Alex Taylor went 1-1 in their matches and earned two points for their team. Finally, each of Owen Thomas, Josh Allers, and Jurtz Christner earned two points respectively while going 1-1 for their matches.

Player quote(s):

“I am personally proud of everyone’s performances on the team during districts. I know that everyone played confidently and with good sportsmanship for the totality of districts, through good and bad.” – Junior Doubles Partner Ismayn Ditter

Fun Fact:

Doubles partners Ismayn and Riyaz Ditter won a blistering five games while losing one game during the 2017 Rovello Memorial Doubles Day at Berkeley Park.


Team: Girls Lacrosse

Record Overall: 1-11 Record PIL: 0-6

Summary of Season since last write up: The girls lacrosse team has continued to struggle in all six games they’ve played since the last update. They have played games against Sisters, Central Catholic, Wilson, Hood River and OES. The game against Sisters on April 17 was the closest, with the final score 11-7.

Individual Highlights: Junior Grace Oh continues to lead the team in scoring. She netted four goals in the Warriors’ close finish against Sisters, bringing her total for the season to nine.

Player quote(s): “The season’s been rough, but we keep playing and having fun,” said Kayla Nichols, senior.

Sad Fact: The team has been outscored 49-3 in their last three games, however Kira Swinth has scored two of these goals.