The Warriors Are Back On Track

By Ronan McCann


    The boys’ soccer team beat Benson 7-1 on Oct. 5 for their first league win. The scoreline would suggest a blowout, but the game was actually much closer than it seems. Senior Theo Close-Kung, and sophomore Aidan Burns both scored two goals during the game. Two other seniors scored, Loic Baures and Hudson Naze. However the first goal of the game was scored by freshman Mohammad Mohammad.

Head coach Nick Yoder said, “I thought we played selfishly at the start of the game, which led to a lot of shots, but not our best play.” This was probably the reason why Cleveland, ranked 22 in the state, had only scored one goal by halftime on Benson, who was ranked 47. After the break the Warriors came back playing a very different way. “As the game went on, we started to play with more of a rhythm,” said Yoder about the second half. There was a lot more passing and much less dribbling.

After the match, the Warriors’ league record stands at 1-1-2.