Cleveland Student to Appear in Netflix Show “Everything Sucks!”

By Mirabella Miller, Reporter

Netflix’s new show, “Everything Sucks!”, includes a familiar face: Cleveland junior Morgan Demetre.

“My agent informed me of the opportunity, and I sent in a video for my audition,” said Demetre. “When my agent emailed me and told me I got the role, it was such an amazing feeling.”

Demetre is in the background of the first few episodes, and then has a speaking scene in the tenth episode.

According to Netflix’s official site, “Everything Sucks!” follows two groups of high school misfits, the AV club and the drama club, through the ups and downs of teenage life. It is set in Boring, Oregon in 1996. Netflix describes the show as a “coming-of-age comedy series that transcends its era.”

Demetre describes it as “really about coming into your own, and expressing yourself and being creative. The creators of the show wanted it to be as real as possible.”

The show was filmed in Oregon City, where Demetre spent several days on set to establish her character in the background, and one day filming her speaking scene. Over the course of the filming process, she became close to her fellow cast members.

“This was my first TV role, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I felt really comfortable on set and it was a great experience,” said Demetre. “My dad was on set, and the directors were amazing…I felt like I was surrounded by people who really supported me.”

She is anxious to watch the show in its entirety, although she has already seen the first two episodes at screenings.

“It is just crazy for me to think that [the show] is going to be available in 190 countries,” said Demetre. “People have dubbed my voice into other languages. It’s kind of surreal.”

Demetre has participated in performing arts for almost her entire life. She went to DaVinci Arts Middle School, and is now in Daires and A Choir at Cleveland, in addition to mentoring for a younger choir class. “I’ve been singing my whole life,” said Demetre, “and it’s a huge part of my life.” She also participates in the drama program.

Demetre is hopeful that this is only the start of her performing arts career. “I definitely hope this leads to more opportunities. I hope to do more TV roles,” she said. “In addition to performing on Broadway, being on TV has always been one of my dreams.”

Everything Sucks!” premiers on Netflix on Feb. 16.