Grab and Go: Tito’s Burritos

By Brooklyn Pierce and Ariel Harmon

Tito’s Burritos moved to the corner of SE Powell and 25th, successfully taking Cleveland High School by storm. The food cart quickly became the hottest lunch spot. This issue of Grab n Go delivers the details on this fresh scene.

Tito’s Burritos serves more than the name implies. Their menu offers many traditional Mexican dishes in addition to their burritos such as tacos, tortas, nachos, and everything in-between to satisfy even the strongest of cravings. Moreover, these items can be prepared as vegetarian or vegan.

We tried the vegetable burrito and the steak quesadilla. Both dishes lived up to the student reviews, and solidified the cart’s growing popularity. The meals were filling and mouthwatering, which is rare for a lunch spot near Cleveland. Looking to spice things up? Try either one of Tito’s sauces; the green is mild, while the red provides a tad more heat.

Aside from the food, their prices are great too. Depending on the order, the bill varies from around two to $10. For somebody who buys their lunch daily, this is an ideal price range. Not to mention Tito’s nearby location. Walk just over a block, and there lies cheap eats and a burrito heaven.

Walk fast though, because the line for Tito’s grows unexpectedly fast. The wait for food is not long once you have ordered, but if you take your time walking down to the food cart, the line will be all the way to the street.

Similarly to the short walk, Tito’s staff works fast and efficiently. Once served, sit underneath the covered area to stay dry. While the seating area is relatively small, it will oftentimes harbor an incredible amount of students— especially considering that Tito’s Burritos is only a food cart. Alternatively, lunch-goers can return to Cleveland to eat. Yet, one’s meal will probably be long gone upon arrival to the school, despite the brief distance between the two locations.

Regardless of what is ordered or where the meal is eaten, Tito’s Burritos provides a much-needed hotspot for lunch. The delicious taste and the low prices create a local oasis for lunch. We recommend going to Tito’s at any time of day. For those who decide to visit Tito’s during the lunch period, though, a word of advice: don’t be afraid of the line. It’ll move fast.