CHS Alumni Association Donates to Culinary Arts


By Violet Radmacher-Willis, Reporter

The Commerce-Cleveland High School Alumni Association donated $2,700 to Cleveland’s Culinary Arts Program at a brief ceremony Feb. 13.

“We felt that that [the culinary] program touched so many students. When we sat down with Alan (Joynson) last spring, he said that his class had 230 some students,” said alumnus Evy Bishop, who presented the check.. She added, “We just felt that with that many students, there were a lot of needs. We thought the best thing we can do is raise some money and give it to culinary arts.”

Joynson, one of two culinary arts teachers, was very excited about the donation. With the help of another donation they previously received, the culinary program plans to expand their resources.

“We’re not quite sure what we’re going to use it for. We have to talk to the class,” said Joynson. “We also got another grant for $4,000 that we’re going to use for some larger equipment. So we might use this one for some small wares, because we’re running low.”