Video Game Back Alley: Blame It On The Goose

Video Game Back Alley: Blame It On The Goose

By James Dryden, Editor

When the calendar turned over another page, I could feel it. The wind became chilly, the days were shorter, and the leaves turned yellow almost overnight. It was November, my favorite month of the year. As I walked home from school, I felt the cold air chilling my spine to the core. I looked longingly at the setting sun, a metaphor for the days of summer long past. But as Christmas encroaches, two snow white wings threaten to destroy all we hold dear. I’m talking of course, about the goose. 

The breakout indie hit of 2019 is none other than “Untitled Goose Game,” a simple game where you are given one directive. “It is a beautiful day in the village, and you are a terrible goose.” It’s rare that a game in which being a villain interests me, and that’s usually because you play as a human. Intentionally acting cruel as a human ties me directly to the moral choice as a human, which makes me feel bad even if it is fake. But with Untitled Goose Game? Cruelty is part of the hook. We’ve all heard horror stories of geese attacking people, ruining plants, and making a mess of peoples’ lives. It’s a fundamental part of their species, genetically predisposed to being as much as a thorn in your side as possible.

Source: GamesRadar

The main point of the day is to ruin the lives of the people in the village, with your objectives being laid out for you on the To-Do list. These can range from stealing a gardener’s hat, to locking a shopkeeper in their garage. As you continue your reign of terror through the town, the people grow more and more agitated and begin to place signs stating very clearly that geese are not allowed in their area. The further you continue, the more difficult it is to terrorize the neighborhood. The final minutes are a fantastic culmination of what you’ve learned throughout the game, and the ending has a twist that made me laugh out loud. After the end, you have the option to return and complete additional and more difficult objectives. 

The sound and graphics complement each other nicely, with the simple polygons and light piano music creating a calm atmosphere as you rampage throughout the town. There is never any threat to you as you playfully ruin the day of these innocent civilians. I think the gameplay is enhanced with the simple graphics, because it really is a simple game. 

I genuinely don’t have any gripes with Untitled Goose Game, because it sticks to its concept in an enjoyable and entertaining way. I think the price is fair, at $15 dollars. This game is simple and elegant, with fun activities and unique mechanics, I cannot recommend it enough. If you need somewhere to let off steam and let out a few laughs, I highly recommend committing some fowl crimes.