2020 Oregon Election Measures Results


Photo Credits to Clackamas Country Democrats.

By James Roach

As the Election Day results begin to finalize, the second biggest question on Oregon voter’s minds is what measures passed or not. From the future of Oregon campaigns to decriminalizing stigmatized drugs, Oregon’s measures are pitching a variety of controversial but trendsetting ideas. 


Measure 107: Amend Campaign Finance. Measure Type: LRCA. Passed: Y/N

Measure 107 aims to authorize the state legislature and local governments to emplace laws limiting campaign contributions and expenditures; require announcement of contributions and expenditures; and require that political advertisements identify the people or entities that provided funds for them. Measure 107 has been passed with a 78.8% Yes voting. 

Measure 108: Tobacco and Nicotine Tax. Measure Type: LRSS. Passed: Y/N 

Measure 108 acts as a solution to many tobacco related addictions as this measure will increase cigarette tax from $1.33 to $3.33 per pack; increase tax on e-cigarettes or any other inhaled nicotine products at a rate of 65% of the wholesale price; and will use increased tax money on nicotine products towards funding the Oregon Health Authority for medical and health programs. Measure 108 has been passed with a 66.9% Yes voting.


Measure 109: Legalize Psilocybin Measure Type: CISS. Passed: Y/N 

Measure 109 plans to legalize psilocybin mushrooms for medical purposes in similar manners to how marijuana was legalized. Supplement for psilocybin mushrooms would be under the Oregon Health Authority and would have its own program called the Oregon Psilocybin Services Program. Measure 109 has been passed with a 81% Yes voting.  


Measure 110: Addiction Recovery Services. Measure Type: CISS. Passed: Y/N

Measure 110 would decriminalize certain drug offenses such as marijuana, releasing people still in jail from those charges and preventing those types of charges from occurring in the future. Measure 110 would also establish a drug addiction treatment program funded by the government’s marijuana tax revenue. Measure 110 has been passed with a 81% Yes voting.