A Recap: Cleveland’s First Week Back


Clarion photo staff photo

Students stay in their lane as they make their way to their first class on the first day back.

By Lena Tinker, News Editor

After over a year of distance learning, Cleveland finally began their first week of hybrid, in-person classes last Monday, April 19. We turn to Cleveland students for a discussion of their back to school experiences. 

Junior Penny Robertson captured the sentiments of many of her classmates, “It was very bizarre to be back in the building but also very refreshing to see everyone again!”

The joy of being able to interact with friends, teachers, and the Cleveland building itself was a theme throughout the first week back. 

“As much as I loved picking out my first day of school outfit, I think my favorite part was just knowing that everyone else is also living with the same amount of uncertainty. Seeing everyone and their willingness to step out of the new norm (Zoom classes in bed) was weirdly comforting. It’s been a wacky end to high school but the first days back reminded me that school is more than homework and tests,” said senior Ava Baglioni. 

For seniors, the ability to see classmates they hadn’t connected with in so long was important, as 30 school days remain until commencement. 

Senior Kenji Clair said, “It feels weird, definitely doesn’t feel like normalcy, but you really gotta appreciate this time with friends because it’s all we have left for time in high school.”

These last moments are so important. Some seniors have said they don’t want their last day of high school to end by logging out of a Zoom meeting. 

“It was really nice to see people and be in the classroom! It was really exciting and overwhelming at the same time,” said senior Karissa Suydam.

Teachers also expressed joy at being able to meet and connect with their students in person. Many teachers have not been able to meet their new students except over Zoom. 

Junior Jackson Weinberg said, “I like how there is still an option for CDL [Comprehensive Distance Learning], while also recognizing that some people don’t learn as well online, and giving them that opportunity to come back into schools.”

Though Weinberg himself opted to return to hybrid learning, excited to see teachers and the Cleveland building once again, many students remain in CDL during the last few weeks of the school year. 

But Cleveland no longer stands as the sadly empty building with switched off lights greeting the passing traffic. The halls are filled once again with the sound of bells ringing on schedule, shoes echoing off tiled floors, and the buzz of students reverberating from the walls. 

Senior Sarah-Joy Nguyen said, “The first week back was so great! The biggest reason why I chose hybrid was to be able to be in community with my teachers and friends in person, so this week was super exciting! Obviously it’s not the same as normal, with classes only having 7-9 students, but it was refreshing to talk to people I haven’t talked to in a year!”