Cleveland Juniors Start Peer Tutoring Program


Clarion photo Sean Lee

Cleveland Peer Tutoring is a student-led service designed to help other students succeed in their classes. The idea for the program was initially drafted in the Junior class cabinet, but it was ultimately decided that it should be separate from class cabinets.
Ellie Howard, Jackson Weinberg, Simone Guite, and Klara Kjome Fischer got together to turn the idea into reality. They created a website where students can easily sign up and schedule a 30-minute session. There is also a section where students can sign up to be tutors. Since the service is completely free, tutors can count their sessions as volunteer hours.
The program’s most commonly requested subject is math, “but we strongly encourage people to try the service out for other classes, especially since it’s free,” Howard said.
The program covers just about every class Cleveland has to offer, as well as general areas such as “College Readiness,” “Technology Help,” and a session titled “About the IB Program/Diploma/Certificate.”
According to Howard, the program plans to stay online for the remainder of the school year and branch out into in-person tutoring next year.
After their graduating year of 2022, the program’s founders plan to pass on the control of the website to the next class of tutors. Howard hopes that this service will be taken full advantage of and be helpful for years to come as, she says, “We set this program up in a way that we hope will outlast our stay at Cleveland.”

For more information about how to use the tutoring program: