CHS Hosts First Track Meet Of The Year

Warriors Compete Against Lincoln and Franklin April 14


Clarion photo Cody Ho

Cleveland Track and Field

Overall Results
The track team had their first meet on Wednesday, April 14, at the Cleveland field competing against Franklin and Lincoln. Both the boys and girls varsity teams placed second to the boys and girls varsity teams from Lincoln. The JV girls team convincingly took first place overall whilst the JV boys team came in third, close behind Lincoln. While the entirety of the track team performed very well, with many people setting new personal records in various events, here are some notable athletes during the first track meet.

Girls Varsity

Track Events
Senior Avery Kyle came in second place for the 100 meter race, running a 13.42. She also placed third in the 400-meter race with a time of 1:02.61. In the 100-meter hurdles event, junior Beatrice Aulwes placed second with a time of 20.03s and freshman Moxley Cross was close behind in third with 20.26s.

Field Events
Junior Piper Harmon placed second in shot put throwing 25 feet, 5.5 inches, and first place in discus, throwing 72 feet, 8 inches. Close behind her was Pearl Shetterly, another junior, who placed second with a distance of 62 feet, 9 inches. The girls dominated in javelin with Shaydee Gunnell, Piper Harmon, and Alyssa Robinson placing first, second, and third respectively. Shaydee Gunnell won the event with a distance of 93 feet, setting a new personal record. Lastly, in high jump, freshman Kamakila Waiwaiole got first place and set a new personal record of 4 feet, 8 inches.

Boys Varsity

Track Events
Junior Ceazar Daniell, ran an 11.70 second 100 meter, placing second place, with senior Alex Nguyen, right behind in third with a time of 11.90. Both set personal records in the 100-meter event. In the 200-meter race, sophomore Ryan Anthony ran a 25.44, placing in second place. Sophomores Aidan O’Connor and Nikolas Ruiz placed first and second respectively in the 400-meter race, with Aidan running a 55.32 and Nikolas running a 56.23. In the 1500-meter race, Nathaniel Bone achieved second place and set a new personal record with a time of 4:10.50. Junior Aiden Schauer earned first place in both the 110-meter hurdles, with a time of 21.96, and 300-meter hurdles event with a 56.56.

Field Events
Sophomore Riley Patlak set a new personal record and placed second place in Discus, throwing 99 feet, 6 inches. Pole vaulters Liem Friel and Roman Hauksson-Neill placed second and third with both of them clearing 10 feet. In long jump, Ty Pierce and Sam Bidwell placed first and second with Pierce jumping 18 feet, 11 inches and Bidwell jumping 18 feet, 3 inches.

Girls Junior Varsity

Track Events
Freshmen Lucy Weinberg and Gillian Taylor placed first and second, both setting new personal records in the 100-meter race with times of 13.40 and 14.01. Gillian Talyor also placed first in the 200-meter race with a time of 29.09. Junior Pearl Shetterly came in second place with a 29.23 in the 200-meter race. In the 800-meter race, sophomore Millie Bamer ran 2:35.55, achieving both first place and a new personal record. Another sophomore, Iris Stasiuk, placed first in the 1500-meter race with a time of 5:34.38. In the 100-meter hurdles event, Beatrice Aulwes, a junior, placed second with a 20.03. In the 4x100m relay, a team composed of Annelise Symons, Elsie Hopkins, Gillian Taylor, and Lucy Weinberg placed first with a 54.83. Runners Addy Huss, Eryn Donovan, Kaylee Ho, and Millie Bamer, placed first in the 4x400m with a time of 4:34.97.

Field Events
Sophomore Johanna Ritter West achieved first place in discus, throwing 53 feet, 11.5 inches. In javelin, freshmen Kamakila Waiwaiole and Annelise Symons placed first and second, throwing 59 feet, 10 inches and 53 feet, 3 inches respectively. Lastly, in long jump, sophomore Emily Powell placed first with a distance of 13 feet, 3 inches.

Boys Junior Varsity

Track Events
In the 200-meter race, Grant Kloeppel ran a time of 26.20, placing second. In the 3000-meter event, freshman Josh Huss placed third and set a new personal record of 10:07.03. Lastly, Nikolas Ruiz, Grant Kloeppel, Jake Aregood, and Aydin Crouch finished first in the 4x100m relay with a time of 50.32.

Field Events
In javelin, freshman Grant Kloeppel set a new personal record and placed first, throwing 101 feet, 4 inches. Sebastian Walsh and Roman Hauksson-Neill placed first and second in long jump, jumping 16 feet, 9 inches and 16 feet, 2 inches.