Cleveland’s Con Team National Results

Cleveland’s Con Team National Results

In recent weeks, Cleveland’s Constitution team took part in the We the People National Finals for the very first time. Though the team formed only five years ago, Cleveland was the wild card team from Oregon. They placed second in the state, right behind Grant High School’s team.

The team, made up of six units, competed virtually on April 24-26, finishing 17th overall in the nation.

“The students on the team did a fantastic job in representing our school and put forth an incredibly strong performance both Saturday and Sunday,” said Sadie Adams, head coach.

At the awards ceremony, their team received the award for best Unit Three performance in the nation. Unit Three focused on the question of “How has the Constitution been changed to further the ideals contained in the Declaration of Independence?”

The Constitution Team is set up into six different unit groups. Group one consisted of students Estelle Morgan, Emily Taylor, Max Van Witzenburg, Lila Wagner and Erskine Wells. In group two, Luca Kennedy, Charlotte Long, Byronie McMahon, Hazel Saydak and Claire Yeates. In group three, Ellie Buck, Claire Moore, Matt, Stevenson and Maile Zenner. In group four, Felix, Cohen, Sophie Evans, Della King and Chloe Maher. In group five, Mason Loveland, Madison Middleton, Sadie Nichols, Lauren Shanley, Ben Stevenson and Erzsi Tunya. In group six, Moriah Cordova, Maya Hausman, Ming Kim, Simone Maher, Carson St. Amand and Gabby Wong.

According to Adams, “The National competition was all virtual this year, so it wasn’t a lot different than our state competition this year, though the judging was a bit more intense for the hearing rounds.”

The one thing that was quite different from state is that she had a few minutes to talk to her students before each of the units had their hearings with the judges. “I liked this part, as it was more like a regular year when the Unit coaches and I could wish them good luck,” Adams said.

The high point of the year for this team was placing second in the state competition, held in January. It was the first time since 1987 that Lincoln did not place first or second.

“We finally shook up the We the People community in Oregon,” said Adams.
Grant took first place in the state tournament, and then placed second in the national finals event, with a Nevada team from Reno taking third place.

All in all with the hard work that the students, coaches, and mentors put in, it was an epic, historic year for the Cleveland Constitution Team.