Red Cross Club Helps Promote Successful Blood Drive

Clarion photo Danny Danh
An adult volunteer gives blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive on Sept. 29.

The Red Cross, helped by Cleveland’s Red Cross club, held a successful blood drive in the school gym Sept. 29.

A total of 85 donors participated in the drive, which was a big increase from last year and the years before, said club president Holly Lee, a senior.

Cleveland’s Red Cross club is the best in the Pacific Northwest, and over the past four years they have been very successful with their blood drives.

Due to Covid-19 and the pandemic, the Red Cross organization has been struggling because there has been a shortage of platelets and blood units.

The next blood drive will occur sometime in December, Lee said. The school allows anyone to get blood drawn, meaning you don’t have to be connected to the school to get blood drawn. Students must be 17 to donate blood, and Lee hopes for an even bigger turnout at the next event.