Administration Investigating Incident of Hate Speech


Clarion photo Danny Danh

Cafeteria clear of hateful speech the day after an incident was reported to administrators.

On Thursday, Oct. 21, an incident of drastic hate speech at Cleveland High School occured. The ‘N’ word was spelled out in large letters on a cafeteria post. When staff discovered it, it was documented, removed, and reported. By that time, however, many students had already seen the slur, and posts had begun circulating on social media.

There is currently an ongoing investigation around this incident, and Cleveland staff are working to find the responsible party. The administration asks students with information on the incident to come forward and report to principal Joann Wadkins ([email protected]), or to anonymously send a tip via SafeOregon.

“This incident,” Wadkins wrote in a message sent out to students, staff and parents Thursday afternoon, “is an affront to our core values of Racial Equity and Social Justice, Respect, Honesty and Integrity.” The message provided resources for students feeling unsafe as a result of this incident. Students were encouraged to reach out to school counselors, as well as a school social worker, and a student success advocate.

Another valuable resource for students struggling with feelings of vulnerability and insecurity is the recently established Adulting IRL group, held Fridays during seventh period in room #285.

The Clarion will be continuing to cover Cleveland students working to combat incidents of severe racial or cultural hatred and insensitivity.