By Colin Stevens and Sam Linder

December 13, 2017

The gentrification of Portland is nothing new to the press and the effects are endless. I mean have you even tried walking down Division lately? Having to cross the street every two blocks due to construction and people waiting in hour-plus lines sure makes it hard to get anywhere. Gentrification in Portland has very ...

Slipping through Society’s Fingers

By Sophie Weir, Reporter

March 20, 2017

Slavery: The very definition of human injustice and oppression. The enemy of freedom and basic rights. An atrocity of the past that has long been left behind. Or has it? In fact, slavery is very much alive today, taking countless forms. Child soldiers, sex trafficking, and forced labor all fit under the umbrella term “m...

Sunflower Rangel photo.

Luke’s Diner comes to Portland

November 5, 2016

On the morning of Oct. 5, coffee shops across the country were momentarily transformed into Luke’s Diner...

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