Mohammad Mohammad protects the ball, hoping to score a goal for his team during the game against Roosevelt. Photo by Jaden Rapaport.

CHS Men’s Soccer Reaches Playoffs

December 12, 2017

Cleveland was at the peak of their game during the start and end of their season. They had a five game wi...

September Faces on the Field

September Faces on the Field

By Allie Montgomery, Tillman Degens, Sam Gavitte, Noah Kemper, and Riley Buerk

October 4, 2016

Ella Ristvedt After a triumphant win against Wilson Sept. 22, Cleveland’s Ella Ristvedt was able to walk away proud for her amazing passes made that night...

Last year's varsity boys soccer team.

A New Age for Boys Soccer

September 28, 2016

The Cleveland soccer team entered the season with much less experience and leadership than the previou...

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