Reviewing The Food Cart, Jojo


Clarion photo Drake Zeramby

Jojo’s food truck on Powell Blvd.

I went to Jojo food cart to try their spicy cheeseburger and Jojos at 12:15, during peak lunch hour. Their customer service was excellent and for the amount of orders they were pumping out, they must have been working very fast, because it took less than 30 minutes for them. While I waited, I sat in the pavilion, which had lots of room.

As for the food, the burger was excellent and very spicy. It wasn’t dry and the fillings – American and Tillamook cheese, caramelized onion, Sambal mayo, pepper relish and shredded lettuce – didn’t fall out. And, the bun wasn’t soggy. The sauce, seasoned with pepper relish, had the perfect amount of spice. It felt like my mouth was burning.

The Jojos were also very good. They were crisp on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. I would recommend getting them with the jojo sauce because it was a very tasty combo that just worked. The sauce was sweet and had a tomato base.

The spicy burger cost $10 and a small side of Jojos with the Jojo sauce was $5. Jojo also has a lot of other interesting items on their menu like the fried chicken melt. I would definitely go back to Jojo and get the spicy burger.

Where: 3582 SE Powell, in between the Chipotle and the John’s Marketplace

Comparable to: The Jojos sauce tastes like the little big burger sauce

One thing I would change: I would get more Jojos.

Rating: Five stars out of five.