Commerce Cafe Opens For Business Just in Time for Autumn

Commerce Coffee is now officially open.

On Sept. 26, the Commerce Cafe opened its doors to Cleveland High School students. The cafe, located in room 132, sells hot drinks for an affordable price to complement the cafeteria next door. The shop is run by students from work experience and is spearheaded by Sarah Gellert, a teacher for work experience and academic skills. The cafe opens at 8:45 am and runs in the morning during the first period of the day (first and fifth).

The cafe offers drinks for low prices – nothing over $5. Sizes for each cup range from 12 to 20 ounces. They have three types of standard espresso drinks – a caffe Americano, which ranges from $2 – $2.50 depending on what size you get, and a caffe latte and a caffe mocha, which vary from $3 – $4. If you want an extra shot of espresso, you can get one for 50ยข.

The cafe also offers special lattes if you want to try something different. A chai tea latte costs from $3 – $4, and a vanilla latte and seasonal special drink each range from $3.50 – $4. If you’re not in the mood for caffeine, they offer streamers and hot chocolate, which both go from $2 – $2.50.

Currently there is no official website for the shop, so head to the cafe to learn more. With Autumn just starting and Winter on the way, the cafe will give students warmth throughout the coming seasons. If you’re in the mood for coffee or just a hot drink, check out the commerce cafe on the first floor.