Class of 2023 Senior Sunrise!

On the early morning of Friday, Sept. 9, graduating seniors gathered together to celebrate the start of their final year at Cleveland. They congregated at the Mt. Tabor stairs and headed up the reservoir to watch the sunrise. Although it was an early school morning, around 150 students still decided to get out of bed, pick up a few friends and grab some coffee to make it to the sunrise at 6:30 a.m.

Cleveland leadership students organized the event, and a few students brought boxes of Voodoo doughnuts to share. Student Peter Van Vleet showed up with his camping stove and made chocolate chip pancakes for everyone as well. People laid out on their blankets, some socialized, drank coffee, ate pancakes and doughnuts while others danced and played music. Once the sunrise had come to an end, people walked back down to their cars and headed over to school. By then it was close to 8 a.m.

This event was a huge success. Even though it can be a challenge to get up early, especially on a school day, students still showed up. Many people spoke of how happy they were that they came, and what a great experience it was to be surrounded with some of the students in their graduating class.

Seniors interviewed described their experiences as “amazing,” and talked about feeling “so much closer” to their classmates. They also expressed how happy they were about the breakfast foods and drinks that were provided.

“It was a great moment for seniors to come together and bond and to socialize with people you wouldn’t usually talk to,” said Madeleine Wright.