Annual Club Fair Held in Cafeteria

Clarion photo Irelin Barta
Students pack the annual club fair Sept. 29 to learn about all of the clubs.

Students packed into the cafeteria Sept. 28 for the Cleveland club fair. This annual event gives students a chance to learn about all the activities they could be a part of this year.

There were a number of new clubs this year, including the Bot Shop — Cleveland’s second robotics club. They focus on smaller robots, and a more educational angle than the Pigmice. Other new faces were an aviation club run by a pilot, a club for the popular mobile game Clash of Clans, and a community gardening club that offered produce from said garden to anyone who stopped by their booth.

Food wasn’t the only way clubs advertised. Sophomore Alabaster Richards was heard shouting that anyone who joined the Improv club would get “25 real American dollars,” though they followed this statement up by saying it was a lie, and also a great example of improv.

While a high number of new clubs were present, older ones like the Youth Action Council (YAC) also attended. The YAC has been a club for “at least five” years, according to a club representative. They work with the student health center to promote wellness in the community. Previously, they’ve attempted to draw attention to the center by bringing a smoothie bike to the school, and are currently working to bring service dogs in.

The fair was a big hit, with club sign up lists being filled with names, and the cafeteria being filled with students there for the event. Its success may have been owed to the wide variety of clubs present, ranging from ones like the Climate club, offering education and volunteering hours, to the Self-Care club, who aim to be a safe space to rest and relax.

The fair also had something to offer for those not interested in new activities, with candy and refreshments being given out at a number of booths.