CHS Gives Back Kicks Off

The annual fundraiser has kicked off and several incentives involving teachers are in the works. All students have to do is raise the money


Clarion photo staff photo

If the school raises $5,000, math teacher Erik Running will give a stand up comedy act at the CHS Gives Back assembly Dec. 15.

The annual event, CHS Gives Back, has begun. The fundraiser is meant to help families in need around our community. Students can donate both non-perishable food and money to help those in need. This year, the goal is $10,000, and expectations are high because the previous year Cleveland was very successful and raised a total of $11,863.36.
The CHS Gives Back assembly will take place on Dec.15. Here, the amount of money raised will be revealed, as well as the class that raises the most money, and the staff incentives.
This year’s incentives include math teacher Erik Running doing a stand up comedy act, business teacher Jacob Redmond getting a glitter beard, math teacher Jim McNeely getting egged, vice principal Alaina Langdahl getting slimed, attendance coach Isaac Camacho doing a poetry slam, and many more.
The participating teachers have some mixed emotions on these incentives.
If Cleveland raises $8,000 dollars, McNeely will be publicly egged at the assembly.
“I’m excited,” said McNeely. “I hope they raise the money, and a lot of people get to egg me.”
McNeely is a great sport about his incentive. “I wanna see how tough I am against these eggs. I might have to wear a helmet though,” he added.
About his incentive, Camacho said, “Gonzo was scared about going up against me. Apparently he dropped out,” he said, referring to Speech and Debate teacher Patrick Gonzales, who has performed in past assemblies.
Camacho already has experience with writing his own slam poetry about justice and prejudice, specifically within his own life. His new competition is the carpentry teacher, Brian Barnes.
“At first I was a little nervous, but now I feel pretty confident in my ability to win,” said Camacho. “I’m just interested to see how it’s gonna go down.”
If the school can raise $4,000, Redmond will be getting a glitter beard.
“Whatever I can do to sit there and support you guys, I’m more than willing to do,” Redmond said, although he did mention he hopes the glitter is all one color and he can remove it by the end of the day.
CHS Gives Back is an important and beloved tradition in our Cleveland community. It not only provides resources for people in need, but is also an enjoyable school event that helps everyone come together.