Five Students Named National Merit Scholarship Finalists


Clarion photo McKenzie Vo

Principal JoAnn Wadkins honors Cleveland’s National Merit Scholarship Finalists from left to right: Hazel Saydak, Benjamin Stevenson, Claire Yeates, August Shin. Not Pictured: Stella Greenvoss.

Principal JoAnn Wadkins and Stella Greenvoss, a National Merit Scholarship finalist. (Clarion photo Laura Fisher)

Five Cleveland seniors were named National Merit Scholarship Finalists for their high test scores on the Preliminary SAT test and submitting a detailed scholarship application program that includes their academic record and school and community activities.

The students are Hazel Saydak, Benjamin Stevenson, Claire Yeates, August Shin, and Stella Greenvoss. They’ll be notified in April if they have won a $2,500 scholarship.