Gordin passes NHS torch


English teacher Alex Gordin has spent 29 years of his life dedicated to his students and to Cleveland High School. He is far from done teaching, but Gordin has decided to pass the torch of National Honors Society advisorship to teacher and Cleveland alumnus Kathleen Fuller starting next year.

Gordin is excited to see NHS go in a new direction, as it always does with new leadership, and has faith in Fuller’s abilities. He said he would help Fuller, a first-year science teacher, as she makes the transition. “I’m excited to take over [the role], because he has this awesome legacy. I feel like he trained me and brought me up into it and ”I’m excited to see what it can become with new leadership and some exciting new candidates next year. [All the new members] look pretty cool.” Ms. Fuller commented.

“Ms. Fuller had been a student of mine back in the day–eight, nine years ago–and she was a brilliant student. NHS is in good hands, and I thank Cleveland and the community for the opportunity, but maybe it’s time to change the guard,” Gordin said.

As NHS advisor for 27 years, Gordin has helped shape leaders and impacted students at Cleveland by creating a vigorous club on campus and working on volunteer projects such as creating the Blazer float, volunteering at the food bank, working at the Shamrock Run, and raising money for various causes, just to name a few.

“I love NHS. It’s a neat way to stay connected with the students,” Gordin said.