Mixtape: Songs for a slow night

By Eva Bryner, Copy Editor

Press play above and enjoy the playlist as you read!

We’ve all had those nights, when being productive isn’t an option but neither is sleeping or going anywhere. I’ve had plenty, and over time I’ve compiled a few songs that tend to make up my soundtrack on those nights, all of them a little melancholy and a little sleepy. Enjoy!

The Build Up – Kimbra

Kimbra infuses her genius into every song she makes, and I deeply love everything she does. However, something about this one always grabs me. The vocals are layered, hollowed, and captivating. It encompasses the feeling of loneliness and wanting in just five minutes, and it’s the perfect song for any slow night at home.

We’re All Going To Hell (Live) – Ida Maria

Despite this song’s hostile title, it’s a slow dancing song through and through (with a hint of garage rock). You can’t find it on any of Maria’s albums, but the live version is a bonus track on her debut album. Not only are her vocals amazing live, but you can feel the passion with which she sings. The heavy chorus will undoubtedly resonate with you, along with the crowd joining in on an acapella chorus near the end. I could go on for days about this song, every inch of it is beautiful and striking.

Cool Blue – The Japanese House

This is the latest track from The Japanese House, and I’m a little more than obsessed. I wrote about their debut EP last year, and in my opinion they have only gotten better since. “Cool Blue” describes a love not worth waiting for. It’s beautiful, airy, and clean, reminiscent of artists like Imogen Heap. This song is able to capture a story so beautifully that it demands a place in this issue’s mixtape.

Going to California – Led Zeppelin

Deriving from the normal bluesy-rock feel of Zeppelin, this track is purely acoustic with some crazy songwriting melded into it. “Going to California” is really just a great song. It’s got beautiful guitar work, the lyrics are impeccable, and through that it takes you away from everything else. It’s a wonderful song if you want to feel bittersweet, which is precisely why I’ve added it to this mix.

All Shook Down – The Replacements

Similar to “Going to California,” this song is extremely different from others done by The Replacements, especially in their early albums. They have a very garage-rock feeling that I love to death, and it’s somehow maintained in this track. To me it feels a lot like some of Cat Power’s music; it’s got an edgy feeling even though if you deconstruct it, it’s a simple acoustic song. The addition of rough cut vocals and the occasional distorted guitar give it the slight rock feeling. It’s brilliant, and helps remind you that it is, after all, a song by The Replacements. Over all, if you want to feel sad but punk, this is the song for you.

Mother Heroic – Bjork

If you do not know who Bjork is, then you now have the unique opportunity to be blessed by this little Icelandic goddess. I’ve grown up listening to Bjork; my mother even has a poster of her hanging in our house (it used to be in our living room before we moved). I can’t not include Bjork in this list. “Mother Heroic” is a b-side to a single released in 2001, and I had never heard it until a few weeks ago. It features nothing but Bjork’s vocals and a music box. It’s enchanting, to make it simple. I could say millions of words about Bjork, but I won’t, just for everyone’s sake. The fact that I am leaving you with this song should speak volumes itself, and I hope you soak up every facet of this song on your next slow night.