Sophomore Hall Decs

By Allie Montgomery, Reporter

The sophomore class was in charge of creating a hall that represented the years 1967-1991. With only seven hours to create a winning hall, sophomores were seen scrambling to decorate their hall Wednesday night, cutting paper and putting up towering walls of boxes, creating a maze effect.

As the participants worked hard to decorate the hall, laughter and chatter buzzed in the air. In addition to the set up, many people asked class president, Elise Anderson, for help and advice throughout the process.

While it is a competition, the sophomores relished the chance to be together. “It’s a chance to get to know people more and get to work with them and get to see their minds and creativity in putting this together,” Terrance Phal said.

Anderson said, “It’s everyone cramming together into one room and working hard to make something happen,” adding, “It’s a process, but I think it’s going pretty good and everyone is trying their hardest, which is what matters.”

By judging time at 7 a.m., they were able to get some Cleveland Sundancers and choir students to greet the judges by the stairs. From the beginning, you felt the throwback theme from the Marilyn Monroe character to the bright streamers hanging from above.

From there, the judges made it through a box maze decorated with paper that celebrated Pac-Man and Star Wars, leading to a disco party throwing it back to the ‘70s. Finally, it ended with a performance of the first landing on the moon with the phrase “One step for mankind, one leap for student mind!”

The entire performance was filled with singing and music, bringing energy so early in morning. The judges seemed surprised by the work put on by the sophomores, and even though the class rankings aren’t known, the class is confident after the hard work they put into it.