Mixtape: Coping with Spring

By Eva Bryner, Copy Editor

Getting back into the groove of school after break can be difficult, especially when spring is finally bringing out the sun. However, these six songs should help you get through being indoors during Portland’s rare good weather, and get back into the feel of school.


“I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” – The 1975

   This six-and-a-half minute, mostly instrumental song may seem like overkill, especially with its…striking…title. But trust me! This entire album (of the same title) is impressive to say the least. This synth-filled, soft, upbeat tune is perfect background music for any sunny day, especially after the break in the middle of the song. “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” is a springtime necessity, so ignore the long and unnerving title and give this song (and album) a listen.


“Hanging on the Telephone” – Flowers Forever

   Made popular by the impressive indie film, “Electrick Children,” this short and sweet song features catchy lyrics, and a guitar hook that leaves you with no option but to dance. This song, to me, is the epitome of spring/summer evenings, and is a must have on any spring time playlist.


“This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” – Talking Heads

   The Talking Heads never fail to put a smile on my face, and “This Must Be the Place” is no exception to that. David Byrne’s genius lyricism paired with playful and bouncy ‘80s synths makes this track just exude happiness. But really, “The less we say about it the better.”


“No Right Thing” – Blood Orange

   Dev Hynes is the genius behind Blood Orange, and behind this genre mish mash of a song. The definitive funk bassline mixes with playful guitar riffs, and breathy, imperfect vocals to create a beautifully creative spring tune that never fails to uplift.


“Hyperballad” – Bjork

   Bjork always creates very weird music, mashing multiple sounds together that seem as if they would never work, but always do. “Hyperballad” is a classic Bjork song, emphasising her ability to blend synths, dance beats, and orchestral sounds into a beautiful, emphatic song about her daily routine of throwing little items she finds lying around down a mountain. Her strong vocals bring life to any surrounding setting, and make the blooming atmosphere of spring become even more vibrant.


“Slum Love” – Kimbra

   This glitchy yet syncopated song is one of Kimbra’s many masterpieces. Her songs always manage to capture a moment perfectly; she’s touched on everything from the nostalgic remembrance of youth and experiencing music with others in “‘90s Music,” to finding transcendence in simple objects, finding love in simple things on the track “Love in High Places.” “Slum Love” focuses on a relationship that has started to fall short of expectations and needs. Kimbra layers multiple samples on top of each other, creating a maze of sound that you can delve into and never be bored. One of my favorite elements of this song is how certain vocals are used in the background as emphasis to the beat, making the elements of the song become more interconnected. These layers create the perfect distraction when we get this beautiful sunny weather, but you’re stuck inside.


As a whole, I hope this combination of tracks is helpful for you to get into the rhythm of school once more, and enjoy this lovely weather!