Volleyball Sports New Coaches for the 2016 Season

By Allie Montgomery, Reporter

For the second year in a row, Cleveland’s volleyball program is sporting a whole new set of coaches for the 2016 season.

Last year, the program was run by Mekeala Hemming, alongside her trusty assistant coach, Brookelynn Cole. The junior varsity team was coached by Jill Spencer and junior varsity two was covered by Sydney Veenker. This new set of coaches replaced long time coaches for the 2015 season. But once the season ended, with a record of 13-4, so did the coaching.

Hemming continues to run the program, but her assistant coach left and Jill Spencer stepped up from her position. Bre Gibbons is the new junior varsity two coach and Angie Hemming, Hemming’s mother, is the junior varsity coach for this season.

“Jill is a great coach. She really helps you in a positive way,” said Ella Ristvedt, a junior on varsity.

The season is off to a good start for varsity, with a 5-2 so far as their record. Most of the players are returning, and there are three seniors playing for their final year at Cleveland: Carlin MacMillan and Marci Roberti. The Warriors are four weeks into the season and have only improved along the way.

“This year has a huge difference in the team dynamic and I think that it is really good,” said MacMillan.

To go to playoffs, the Warriors need to be in the top four spots in the PIL. In third place, the Warriors need a win against second place Wilson to jump them and secure a spot for playoffs.
“We can only improve from here,” said Ristvedt. “We lost against Grant and Lincoln, so I hope when we play them again this season we can win and go to the playoffs.”