Dear Hillary Haters


Colin Stevens graphic.

By Ally Grimaldi, Editor-in-Chief

Gasoline capped mountains, a Hitler-like regime, and an orange idiot sitting in the oval office. This is what our country would look like if Donald Trump were elected President.

You can say whatever you want to defend Trump if you feel so compelled, but you can’t argue with the absurdity, sexism, racism, and xenophobia that blueprint the sickening ideals of his platform. The Trump-Pence campaign is one that exploits the bigotry, fear, misogyny, and ignorance that lurk in dark corners of the United States. It is one that dismisses the immediate urgency of climate change, rejects gun control efforts, opposes the escalation of minimum wage, bolsters policies that would deport millions of immigrants, renounces abortion access, and imitates the frightening standards of bloody dictatorships.

Although the potential for Trump’s presidency is undeniably worse than any threat for leadership this country has ever faced, many “Hillary Haters” still believe that Clinton is “just the lesser of two evils.” Of course, this conjecture, while flamingly ignorant, is the prerogative of the voter who holds it to be true. However, under no reasonable assessment is Hillary Clinton worse or “just as bad” as Trump.

Donald Trump, as dubbed by the Huffington Post, is “temperamentally, emotionally, and intellectually unfit to be President of the United States.” The online news aggregator is not the first source to have brought this fact to light: President Barack Obama, as well as numerous Republicans have come forth to say that Trump is not of the mental competency to hold office. Despite what you think of Clinton, she is incontestably more capable, experienced, and qualified to be commander-in-chief. While Clinton has served as First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State, Trump’s experience with politics and government only extends as far his involvement in 4,000 lawsuits within the past three decades, according to USA Today. Furthermore, Clinton’s policies outline solutions for collective issues, such as gun control, immigration reform, economical rehabilitation, environmental action, and women’s rights. Trump only plans on further destructing these affairs.

Before you say it, there is absolutely no chance that Gary Johnson or Jill Stein will win the election, so don’t waste your breath. Never in the history of the United States has an independent candidate ever won the election. In fact, according to Duverger’s law, our country’s electoral system is structured in a way so that a third party candidate will never win an election. This is a problem within itself, as we should always strive to make elections as diverse as possible. However, the solution to this issue cannot be resolved through voting against the system we have in place or supporting a third party candidate during this election. The way to change this ancient system is through, instead, focusing support to restructure it.

Moreover, now is not the time to concentrate on the inequitable facets of our electoral system. Voting for a third party candidate will not effect change; it will only secure that your ballot has been wasted. Furthermore, it will likely induce the spoiler effect, which, like exemplified in the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, will only detract from the Democratic vote. Currently, polls read that anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of voters are considering the option of a third party candidate, an amount much too small to even be considered for potential victory. Likewise, recent studies have shown that even a one to two percent deviation from the major party system could decide the election, and not in a favorable way. If you are under the impression that “voting your conscience” should be valued at a higher level than voting to keep Trump out of the White House, you will be the reason why Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States.

For former Bernie Sanders supporters who cannot stomach voting for Clinton, the consideration of voting independent, not voting, or placing support for Trump seems frighteningly real. If this is you, I beg of you, please rethink this decision. When Sanders goes to the polls to vote, he will not support Johnson, Stein, or Trump. He will not write his own name in on the ballot. He will, however, check a box next to Clinton’s name. If you are a true supporter, you will follow his lead. Upon skimming the Internet, I found a saying that surmises this thought completely: “If you write in or vote green, you are shaming the campaign you fought for and you are betraying the man you supported.” You vote Bernie by voting Hillary.