Cheer Returns to Competitions

By Allie Montgomery, Sports Editor

After a few years of staying on the sidelines and cheering at basketball and football games, the cheer team gets its chance to shine as the squad returns to competitions.

Because of a change in coaches, competitions for cheer were on a hiatus for the 2014 season. That meant that for three years, cheer was confined to the sidelines of football and basketball games, showing their spirit. However, the team gets another chance to compete and show what they are really all about this season.

“I feel pretty good, I’m excited for competing because we have an awesome routine and can’t wait to experience what it’s like to compete on a cheer team,” said Kamryn Yee, a junior.

With new coach Shelby Smith this season, she left the decision on whether or not to compete to the girls. In a packet given at tryouts, there was a question asking if they would be interested in competing. By the looks of how things are going, it seems that a majority of girls were interested in returning to the competitions this year.

To prepare, the team has set aside two hour practices on Mondays dedicated to competition routine and stunts, as well as four hour practices on Saturdays in the gym.  

“Our coaches and captains have really been motivating us to do our best and been making sure that we’ve been getting the routine down and keeping everything neat,” said Madeline Yee, a senior.

Their first competition back will be on Dec. 17 at Forest Grove. Until then, they will continue their intense training sessions and will support the Warriors at the basketball games this winter.

“I just hope that we can go out there and do our best. We want to prove ourselves and have fun doing so,” said M’kayla Clark, junior.