Key Club Reaches Further

By Jennifer Singh, Reporter

Key Club students are known for their volunteering efforts throughout the Portland community. However, this time the organization got the entire school involved with a project that is giving hope to those who need it most.

On Wednesday Oct. 4, every third period Cleveland classroom competed to raise money for KCCP, the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program. The KCCP includes Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program in Portland, Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in Seattle, and the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program in British Columbia and the Yukon. The main goal was to fund fellows who are devoting their time to research possible cures and treatment for children with cancer. The overall Pacific Northwest fundraising goal is $75,000, and Cleveland on its own was able to contribute $413.70.

Erica Luu, Key Club Lieutenant Governor and division representative, planned the fundraiser with the help of Cleveland’s branch of Key Club. She explained how they wanted to raise more awareness and hoped people had their questions answered about what KCCP does and what they hope to accomplish.

Other schools around the Pacific Northwest are contributing to KCCP as well, and are fundraising in different ways. However, many Key Clubs around the district have not put in the effort as Cleveland has to involve the entire student body. Key Club’s expectations were exceeded, as students and staff throughout Cleveland were proud and eager to stuff donation boxes to the brim.