Ella Ristvedt Sets Team Up For Success


Clarion photo Allie Montgomery

Ella Ristvedt

By Allie Montgomery, Sports Editor

With a lack of setters on the Cleveland volleyball team, it was up to Ella Ristvedt to step up and set her team up for success.

Ristvedt, a senior and varsity player for all four years, never envisioned that she would spend her last season in the front row. She has been playing libero all four years at Cleveland, but started out being an all-around player and a setter in middle school. That all changed at the beginning of this year during tryouts.

Last year, graduated seniors Carlin Macmillan and Marci Roberti were the main setters on the team. The search for a replacement was mainly focused on incoming players and people who were moving up from junior varsity. However, not many people were coming in accustomed to the position already, and were focused on playing in other positions.

“The setter is like the quarterback of the team,” said assistant coach Camille Adana, “but the reality is that not very many people want to fulfill that role in the system.”

Needing someone to play setter, Ristvedt decided to start training in that position. With coach Adana already trained as a setter herself, she was quick to help Ristvedt develop the skills she needed to help her team out at the varsity level. With hard work and perseverance Ristvedt was able to play in the first game, which they won 3-0 against Madison.

“Ella has been a good setter this year,” said Stella Kimsey, senior. “Setting is really important and she stepped up when we needed her most.”

With her helping out as setter, this had started to become strenuous on her other position. “I feel like when I’m a setter, we need more of a focus on passing, and when I’m in passing, we need more of a focus on setting,” said Ristvedt.

The team had to constantly fluctuate in positions, but with the versatility, they were able to pull it off and end with a league record of 11-5. On top of that, Ristvedt ended her high school career by making first team all conference, as well as her twin sister Kylie Ristvedt, for the third year in a row.

“I feel good about Ella in any position,” said Adana. “She is an all-around amazing athlete. In my mind and in my opinion, Ella is a freaking weapon for us.”