Fields on the Faces: Get to know the beards of Cleveland


Robert Bergin

When did you start growing your beard?

Middle school. I started to get chin hair. I was actually embarrassed, I plucked.  Since eighth grade it’s been my dream to have a beard.

How do you care for it?

I just let it go wild.  I do use shampoo though.

Does food get stuck in the beard?

Yeah.  Lots of crumbs, if I’m drinking anything and spill anything, it gets trapped in the beard.

Best part?

The compliments, the ladies.  I dunno, it makes me look older.

Worst part?

Having to shave it.

What do girls think?

They like it, they like it.  They tend not to like it fully –– like three months –– grown out.  They usually like a little scruff.

Best staff beard?

Mr. Hillis.  Hands down.

Riley Winegarden FoF

Riley Winegarden

Do you remember when your beard started growing?

Yes, I was in middle school and I had this really, really long one on my neck.  I was like, “This is gross!” But I was outside so I found myself a pair of scissors at some random store and chopped it off.

When did you start growing out your beard?

It was pretty patchy for a while, so I kinda kept it down, but I really started to grow it out sophomore year.

What do you do to care for your beard?

Absolutely nothing.  I trim it every now and then when it gets too long.

Best part?

Your face is fuzzy and it’s never cold, and also I don’t have to go through the effort of shaving every morning.

Worst part?

It’s scratchy sometimes. It’s like, my face itches; oh yeah, it’s ‘cause I have a beard.

Why did you start growing it?

I mean, 90 percent of it is I’m super super lazy. The other 10 percent is I look like a baby without a beard.

Does food ever get stuck in your beard?

No! (Guffaws) I have never experienced that. I hear myth of it

What do girls think?

Most people like my beard, but that’s because they’ve seen me without a beard. And people are scared to see me without a beard.

Best staff beard?

Mr. Beckett, ‘cause Running doesn’t have one anymore.

Danny Car FoF 

Danny Carr

Do you remember when your beard started?

In eighth grade I first started getting chin hair and I remember specifically because it was a glorious day.

How do you care for it?

Other than shampooing… and twirling… and soaking it in water… not much. I like to take care of my facial hair.

Best part?

Feeling old.

Worst Part?


How long have you been growing the current beard?

A few days.

What was the original motivation?

Robert Bergin inspired me.

What do girls think?

I don’t really talk to girls so I don’t know. (The entire classroom burst out laughing) I hear mixed reviews.

Do you ever get food stuck in it?


Best staff beard?

Mr. Warner

kilian gray fof 

Kilian Gray

How’d it start?

Well, I had a little bit of a mustache in sixth grade, I don’t know if that counts.  This one I started growing about a month and half ago. But the first time I started growing it out people said I looked like Wolverine, so I guess that’s my main motivation.

How do you take care of it?

I keep it trimmed.  I comb it three times a day.  Nah, I don’t do that.

Best part?

Not having to shave.

Worst part?

Getting stuff stuck in it.

What do you get stuck in it?

If I drink milk, I get some milk in my mustache.

What do girls think?

I think that every single girl that sees it loves it.

Best staff beard?

Definitely Mr. Warner.

Wes Tol FoF

Wesley Toland

When did you start growing your beard?

No shave November worked for the first time ever, and I just got too lazy to shave after that.

How do you care for it?

I shave the neck part because neck beards are disgusting and foul, unless you’re Abe Lincoln. I also trim it when it gets too long because I don’t want to end up looking like a lumberjack.

Best part?

The best thing about having a beard is the compliments, and all the babes who fiend on beards. Two things which I fancy very much.

Worst part?

The worst thing about having a beard is when I trim it too much on one side, and I get self-conscious about how terrible it looks. But, I find comfort in the fact that there are grown men out there who have much worse looking beards.

Does food ever get stuck in it?

Not much more than crumbs get stuck in my beard, but I recently got a bloody nose that took forever to clean up.

What do girls think?

Most girls seem to dig it, but I can’t speak for everyone

Best staff beard?

It’s a close race between Graham and Bowman. Ultimately though, Graham’s beard is razor sharp. So sharp, that it could cut glass.

Jackson Pahl FoF

Jackson Pahl

When did you start growing your beard?

It all just kinda came in at once.  Last year I had an awful chinstrap ’cause that was all I could grow.  It was magical.

Why’d you start growing it out?

I always do no shave November, and my main justification is that it keeps my face warm, but I just like not having to shave every morning.

How do you care for it?

I have a choir will that is the A Choir mutton chop comb.  It’s given to a person with above average facial hair and it’s this little tiny comb specifically for facial hair. And I’ve actually put it to use.

Best part?

It gives me something to do when I’m thinking.  I’ll just stroke my beard absentmindedly.  Also, it makes me look older.

Worst part?

When it gets a little long, and it gets in your mouth.  That is frickin’ annoying.

What do girls think of the beard?

The reaction’s been largely pretty positive, actually.  A lot of people are telling me “never shave it again,” cause I have a bit of a baby face.  Some people hate it, but… ignore the haters!

Best staff beard?

Mr. Burns, plain and simple.  He’s my beard inspiration.