Students Vote For Rose Festival Princess

Senior Pearl Cook and junior Zoey Weesner gave their speeches at the voting assembly Feb. 27, and the winner will be announced on March 2.


Clarion photo Zooey Redmond

Pearl Cook and Zoey Weesner at the Rose Princess Assembly

By Yanling Joslin, Reporter

It’s that time of year when schools in the greater Portland metro area choose  young women to represent their schools in the Portland Rose Princess competition. This year Cleveland must choose from two noteworthy candidates: senior Pearl Cook, and junior Zoey Weesner. 

These candidates each bring different qualities to the competition, and Cleveland would be honored to call either of these candidates its representative in the Rose Queen competition. 

 The annual Rose Festival voting assembly took place in the auditorium Feb. 27. Each of the candidates gave their perspective on this year’s prompt: Inspiring, tradition and evolving; How do these three words describe the Rose Festival? 

“From all the experiences I’ve had with inspiration, I remember that inspiration can be to change,” said Cook. “Over time rules change, but without fail each year the community comes together to celebrate the community and people that make Portland so great.” 

Weesner spoke about the growth that Portland and the Rose Festival has gone through. “Just as Portland was once small, so was the Rose Festival. Together they have both grown and evolved, and today are shining examples to others of beauty and fun,” she said. 

Following the speeches, the student body voted for their favorite candidate. The results will be announced March 2 at a brief assembly at 3 p.m.

in the auditorium.