Sophie’s Style Watch: Teachers show off their style


Hello Warriors! Spring break is almost upon us, and I know we are all in need of a week off from school. You don’t have to be going somewhere tropical and warm for spring break to appreciate the extra free time. But, if you are lucky enough to be heading for the sun, then make sure to pack those shorts and tanktops that you probably haven’t taken out of your closet since last summer!

I decided that it would be fun to do a teacher’s edition of Sophie’s Style Watch for this issue. Since I have focused primarily on student fashion this year, I thought it would be interesting to switch it up and see what the faculty is wearing. Most students don’t think of their teachers as being the most fashionable people around school, but I have seen a few teachers at Cleveland who know how to put together a solid outfit that would earn an A+ in my gradebook.

For example, Mr. Bowman is famous for having an endless array of Converse that he wears to school, showing off new colors and patterns every week. Mr. Bowman’s shoes are so popular that they even have their own instagram account (with over 100 followers). What more can I say?

Mr. Graham and Mrs. Blattner are two teachers that are always dressed to impress at school everyday. They are both good at styling clothing in a way that is professional and understated. In this photo, Mr. Graham is wearing cuffed dark blue jeans, a patterned button-up shirt, and brown boots. Even though his shirt and jeans are a similar color, they still work well together. Mrs. Blattner is wearing lighter blue jeans, a loose orange top, a vest, and wedges. I like that she chose to layer a few items together for an easier look.

So whether or not you’re actually learning how to solve an equation in math class this month, you can still take style tips from some of your favorite teachers!

XOXO, Sophie