Clarion in Quarantine

Mental Health Importance with Yanling Joslin

By Yanling Joslin

Hello Cleveland Community! As it’s been said time and time again we are living in historic times. With this school year coming to a close it’s a bittersweet feeling knowing that we all won’t be together on the last day of school. Wherever you are in Portland I’m thinking of how amazing our community is and all the love and support that have been given throughout these unprecedented times. 

Reading the news day after day it seems to be just article after article is talking about statistics and how crazy the world situation is. I’ve felt that for my own mental health being really mindful about how much time I spend on social media and reading the news is important. 

Self care has been emphasized because while the situation around the world remains to uncharted territory there are some things that I know and have remained a constant throughout these few months. 

Currently experiencing growing up in a generation where cell phones seem to be a part of our bodies and our beings, taking care of our minds is really important too. For me places like instagram can be really amazing positive spaces to connect with friends and family, especially during quarantine, as well as a space for people to share issues they care about. There is an upside seeing people post and repost about important social and climate news, but also seeing a constant barrage of these disheartening events is hard. I am so grateful to know so many people who are aware and ready to speak out about issues that need to be spoken about, but it’s also important to take a break from social media. 

Anxiety can come from constantly being on social media and reading the news, so here are some ideas that I’ve found really useful to help with taking care of myself not only mentally and physically during  quarantine. 

I think a big one is keeping in touch with friends, whether it be by snail mail, texting or face timing, being able to talk to my friends about things that are stressing me out or just life in general is really helpful. Friends can offer a perspective that you may not see on an issue and are really amazing supporters. During quarantine, it can also be a great opportunity to reach out to people you’ve lost touch with or get to know your close friends even better. Make a point of reaching out and checking in on each other at least once a week. 

Another really nice anxiety relieving activity is getting outside and moving. Getting outside once in a while especially while the sun is shining can be really enjoyable and an added bonus could be listening to your favorite music. Taking care of your body physically can also help you feel better mentally and have more mental clarity. 

Lastly, finding a creative outlet, whether it be painting or writing, sewing, etc.  Having an activity that you enjoy and gives you a chance to work on a passion that isn’t school related gives your mind a break and can produce something you’re truly proud of. For me it’s sewing and so far I’ve learned how to use patterns and create pieces that are personal to my style and that I love to wear. 

With that I say hope you have an amazing rest of the school year and remember to take time for yourself because you deserve it! 


Getting Outside! (Clarion photo Yanling)