CHS Gives Back: School Holds Assembly To Celebrate Raising $12,819

The original assembly was postponed due to the shooting incident before the break, but enough time passed to hold the assembly and bring in some school spirit


Teacher Brenda Gordon poses with students who helped tape her to the wall. Gordon agreed to be taped as an incentive for students to raise money for CHS Gives Back fundraiser.

Last week we celebrated our school’s efforts at CHS Gives Back with an assembly. The fundraiser proceeds help Cleveland families in need, and goes toward rent, electricity, utility assistance, and other essential items. Donations also went to giving food out to families. 


The school raised $12,819 dollars, which surpassed the school’s original goal of $10,000. The school also beat last year’s total, which raised $11,863 dollars. Donations were especially slow this year, and many were worried that the goal would not be reached. However, a large amount of donations from students and family members as well as the PTA came in near the end of the time frame.


The assembly to celebrate the fundraiser was postponed to January 11, due to the shooting incident the week the assembly was originally scheduled for. A spirit week took place from Dec. 12 -16 to build up school spirit in preparation for the assembly, but since it was postponed, many have forgotten. To recap the week: Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was Jann Watt day, Thursday was CHS colors day, and Friday was ugly sweater day.


Because the goal of $10,000 was surpassed, all of the incentives were put on display at the assembly. After a quick introduction by the advanced leadership class, some students came out to pie physics teacher Alan McClary in the face as the first reward. This was the first incentive that was reached for $1,000. Then psychology teacher Kieran LeMeune came out dressed as a clown, next to English teacher Mary Rodeback, who had a new green hairstyle, along with business teacher Jacob Redmond, who had agreed to sprinkle his beard with glitter.


Math teacher Erik Running came out to perform his standup comedy routine after that. His act had a mixed reception, but he was confident in his performance. Carpentry teacher Brian Barnes and attendance coach Isaac Camacho then stepped to each other in the gymnasium to start their slam poetry battle. Camacho came out on top as he was declared the winner by Grover themself along with a round of applause from the crowd.


 Math teacher Jim McNeely went out to the floor next, stood on a large tarp, and got pelted with eggs. Then came Vice Principal Alaina Langdahl, who agreed to get slimed. She was met with applause when walking out and volunteers from the crowd were picked out to slime her with spray cans. Finally, staff members Alex Fuller, McClary, Brian Fain, and Eric Levine performed the “single ladies” dance as the final reward for $10,000. 


There was a “safe space” provided for students who did not want to attend assembly. This messaging was provided to fifth period teachers to read to students: “Today is an assembly day, which we know can be both exciting and concerning. Due to recent events, we realize some students may not feel comfortable attending. However, it is important that students do not leave campus; remember that inside the school is a safe space. Therefore, we are providing an alternative space for students to go within the school if attending the assembly produces stress or anxiety. Please check in with your teacher and your teacher will give you information about alternative spaces. Again, please do not leave campus!”  

Many students want something more than a “safe space” for gatherings of the whole school, however the school made small steps in recognizing students’ trauma. It is hoped that this assembly restored some of the school spirit that was missing for a while, and pointed students in a positive direction for the new semester.