Cleveland High annual auction makes commemorative video

By Ariel Harmon, Reporter

Four Cleveland students, under the direction of parent Kate Raphael, are making a video to celebrate the diversity of the student body and help raise money for the upcoming PTA auction on March 5.

At the center of the video is a poem, written by the four students, that works as an ode to Cleveland.

“The poem/video will demonstrate how day-to-day life works within the halls of Cleveland. [This is] so people such as parents and sponsors can see what goes on in Cleveland, without being there in person. The film will transport viewers to the busy halls of Cleveland for five minutes,” Raphael said.

The video will be presented at the auction, whose theme is “Party of the Century” as a nod to Cleveland’s 100th year anniversary celebration. The four students who wrote the poem and are helping make the video are Emily Diamond, senior; juniors Lucie Raphael and Zawadi Doti; and sophomore Adam Nayak.

The way I look at it is showcase of Cleveland and the variety of things it offers,” said Nayak.

Although the film is made for the auction, the makers of it have plans to upload it for more people to be able to see it.

“People who watch it will see what Cleveland is like and why they should support it,” Doti said.

Last year, the Cleveland auction raised more than $100,000. These funds allowed the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to provide a range of things, from new technology equipment to basic classroom supplies. With the auction being the single most important fundraiser for Cleveland and the most widely attended community event, there are high hopes for the upcoming one.

With the bright minds of Cleveland students, the poem is sure to represent Cleveland wonderfully.