CHS Embody Love Club


By Adriana Milian-Hernandez, Reporter

Embody Love Club creator Ashley Lytle had a vision to educate students on body positivity and emphasize that everybody doesn’t have the same body figure, personality, nor has to dress a certain way. She instead encourages the community to look beneath somebody’s personality, love each other, and to not let society tell you how to live your life.

This year they’ve done two campaigns. The Embody Love Club took to the halls hanging posters around the school in honor of black history month. The goal was to bring attention to colored individuals who promote loving yourself in one way or another.

Their second project is the love mirror campaign. This time they used the three girls bathrooms in the main building, and placed sticky notes full of love and motivation creating a border around the mirrors. Their goal is to empower individuals who use the restrooms during that week.

After Lytle watched several of her friends and herself struggle with body positivity and self acceptance she became inspired to do something about it.

Over the summer she attended a camp for youth activists called Youth Empowered Action (YEA). It was there that she was introduced to an organization called the Embody Love Movement. Based in Texas, its goal is to empower women to love themselves. Lytle reached out to Embody Love with the intention to start a club through them.

As said on the Embody Love Movement website “In 2011, the catalysts were the initial recipients of a workshop that included media literacy education, yoga, and self-acceptance exercises.  Each of them felt a personal transformation, and together, they dreamed up ways to share the experience with other girls and women,” and that is why Lytle wants to educate everyone that they should be embracing who they are and not what society wants them to be. She wants everyone to know that you’re perfect the way you are, and nobody should have the right to change you.
The club has high hopes to continue to educate and promote self acceptance. If you’re interested in joining the club and creating a safe non-judgmental environment go to Lynne Allers’ room 109 and join the family that is the Embody Love Club.