Raise the Roof! We’re Safe After Summer Renovations

By Taylor Lewis, Reporter

Have you wondered why you’ve been hearing footsteps over your head? No, you aren’t insane, and no, Santa didn’t come early. Over the past three months, construction crews have been working to enhance previously existing structures as well as installing new ones. The renovations are a part of the 2012 School Building Improvement Bond that focused on accessibility improvements and seismic upgrades, as well as other potential learning inhibitors. This summer is the second year out of the scheduled eight that construction will take place. Eventually, a total of 63 schools across Portland will receive new features. At Cleveland, these changes included providing handrails, accessible ramps, door hardware, and two new restrooms. In addition to these ADA modifications, Cleveland was scheduled to receive new roofs as part of the citywide preparation for potential seismic activity.  

Around 80,000 square feet of roofing (approximately two acres) and over 30,000 square feet of new structural roof decking was either replaced or added to Cleveland. Alone this was a hefty task to finish in only a three month time frame. Yet, everything was on track for them to make the deadline until the workers found something while tearing off the old gym and woodshop and music building roofs. The original support structures built in the 1950s had deteriorated over time and were far below modern roofing standards. Thus, all of these roofing decks had to be replaced as well, leaving the project team to both design and construct new structural roof decks over both buildings. This added an extra month and a half to the construction, which is now scheduled to be complete by Oct. 16. So, just remember as you listen to the jarring sound of heavy machinery while cramming for next period’s English test, it is all to make Cleveland safer for years to come.