Ready…Fight! Boba Fett vs. Batman

Arena: An old, dark, abandoned appliance warehouse


Clarion photo Jacquelyn Johnson

Boba Fett vs Batman

A flurry of crimson lasers arc through the darkness of the old warehouse, sizzling viciously against a pile of empty crates. Behind those crates, a dark figure lurks, wrapped in shadows. Batman’s mouth is fixed in a grim line. This is the hardest fight of his entire life. Never has he faced a more dangerous opponent. He knows it’s do or die.

High on the rafters above the piles of old boxes and rusted appliances, Boba Fett perches. He curses. He was sure those shots were spot on. This ‘Batman’ would be harder to take down than he had originally thought. It was time to take it up a notch. Lasers wouldn’t be enough. His jetpack ignites, lifting him through the darkness, towards the crates where the hero Gotham needs hides.

Batman closes his eyes. He will have to be quick. He rolls out of his cover, just managing to avoid a spray of blasts from Boba’s rifle. Batman leaps over a pile of toasters, throwing a razor-sharp batarang up at his flying foe. He’s used to the darkness, and his attack is right on target. The batarang almost reaches the bounty hunter, who turns it to liquid with his flamethrower right before it strikes. Startled by such a close call, he turns off his jetpack, landing on a heavy oaken rafter, making sure to keep his height advantage.

Batman grimaces, taking cover behind the carcass of a discarded fridge. He knows he has to end this soon. “Looks like it’s go time,” he growls.The Dark Knight leaps upwards, shooting his bat-grapnel at the dusty rafters overhead. The hook latches on and Batman swings upwards towards his foe, the darkness giving him cover. His foot extends in a vicious kick.

Boba’s targeting system locks on as the Caped Crusader flies at him, foot extended. His lips curl into a half smile under his helmet. The cover of darkness is not enough against this interplanetary assassin. A rocket flies towards the savior of Gotham. The missile is right on target. Batman disappears in a roaring gout of flame and shrapnel. Boba Fett nods in partial respect to his obliterated foe. It is over. The bat is dead.