CHS Mock Trial Team Competes in Mini Mock

By Camilia Saulino, Reporter

After all of their hard work, Cleveland’s Constitution Team is thrilled about making it to state for the second consecutive year, after getting third in regionals on Wednesday, Jan. 3.

Started by social studies teacher Sadie Adams in 2015, the team must demonstrate knowledge of the Constitution in competitions. This is the second year that the Constitution Team has been an elective class.

About making it to state, Sydney Hilton-Siegel, a student on Con Team, said, “We were super pumped! We didn’t think we were going to [and since we got third place], we were the very last people to be announced. We were super excited, everybody jumped up and started jumping and screaming. Our teacher (Adams) was really nervous and she was crying and it was a really big deal.”

The Constitution Team has worked extremely hard since April, putting in many hours over the summer, and starting on responses to their questions in September. They work in class for three to four and a half hours a week, and more at their weekly team meetings, as well as individually outside of school.

The state final competition was scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 13, and if they win, they go to nationals. The results were not available as of press time, but look to the Clarion’s website ( to find out results.

The team also made it to finals last year, where they got sixth, and last place, but Hilton-Siegel said they’re hoping to do better this year.

“[Making it to state] is a fantastic accomplishment in itself. Not many teams can say that they went straight to state and maintained that in their first two years, so again, I’m incredibly proud of all of these kids!” said Adams.