Students Participating in Day Of Silence

By Scotty Douglass, Reporter

The Day of Silence is an annual day of raising awareness about harassment and bullying towards students in the LGBTQ community. Students participate in the action by remaining silent for the entirety of the school day. This year it is happening on Friday, April 12.

To participate, there are slips to be picked up explaining what the Day of Silence is. “You can pick the slips up at the main office, or in room 135 to hand out to your teachers [to let] them know that you’re doing the Day of Silence, and you just keep quiet for the day,” said biology teacher Seamus Shalman.

During the day, there are ways that teachers can support students who choose to participate. According to Shalman, one of the key ways to show support is “by allowing students to be quiet during discussions, and basically not considering it like as an act of disrespect,” but rather as a thing that is just happening for the day. Another way to support students who choose to participate is by making class “more of a quiet reading day as opposed to a Socratic Seminar.”

Even though the Day of Silence is mostly about the LGBTQ community, it is a day in which anyone can participate. “Allies are encouraged to participate in the Day of Silence just as much as individuals who identify as LGBTQ,” said Shalman.