Hell in the East Wing

Cleveland staff are trying to fix East Wing’s weather issues.


Photo credit to Leading with Trust

By James Roach, Reporter

If you’re a student or staff of Cleveland High School you’ve experienced the scorching hots and freezing colds of the east wing of the building. Being engaged with what you’re learning to made difficult when you have to battle hypothermia and frostbite within the confines of your own classroom. Mr. Bauer and many of the members of Cleveland have decided to take a stand on the tenth at a PPS board meeting to try to get the attention of the school board. 


Mr. Bauer, a staunch advocate for heating reform, shares his problems with the east wing. “In the summertime, room temperatures exceed 85 degrees, then comes winter where’s it’s in mid fifties, sometimes cooler. It creates poor learning environments and poor working conditions for teachers”. This issue is widely agreed upon across the school making it more important that the school board listens to the pleas of the faculty and students. When asked about his concerns and goals for east wing, Bauer showed great uncertainty. “My hope is that we’ve been heard. Do I expect that anything will happen? No. The outcome will be that we’ll send an extended invite to the board next time the school reaches the 90s or in winter when we dip down into the 40 degrees area” he said. He later added that “it’s an old building, we’re going to get a new building in the bond, so they decide to do nothing”. 


As Mr. Bauer said, staff are still unsure how and when the school board will respond to the request. Being heard was the first step, now students and staff just have to wait.