Daniel Suhr: Male Athlete of the Week: Sept. 13

Daniel Suhr


Clarion photo Anna Suydam

Senior Daniel Suhr photographed following Cleveland’s 38-0 victory against Wells

Senior wide receiver Daniel Suhr’s three touchdown catches in the opening football game against Wells on Sept. 6 secured both a Cleveland win, and the male athlete of the week.

Standing out during a 38-0 win is difficult, and Daniel seemed happy with the performance of the entire team.

“I had a lot of fun out there playing with the team. It was a really fun first game for us,” Suhr said of the experience.

He also brought up the team’s preparation, saying, “We did everything we’ve worked on in practice and put it all together in that game.”

The Warriors coaching staff deserves immense credit for opening the season on such a high note, which Daniel also spoke about.

“The team played really well on Monday so it looks like if we keep that going through the season we’ll have a pretty successful year,” he said.

Suhr also mentioned the benefits of the fan turnout after so many games without a crowd.

“It was really nice to see so many fans out on Monday, it was a lot more than I expected, which was awesome to see and really encouraging for the football program.“

Both individually and for the team, Daniel talked about having a winning mentality and carrying momentum after wins.

“My goal is just to win as many games as possible this year, hopefully we can win all of them, and just make as many steps as possible to get better together,” he said.

With a relatively young team this season, instilling that energy in our football program will have benefits for years to come.