100 Warriors: Siana Ramos, Senior


CRUND QUEEN- Senior Siana Ramos in the halls of Cleveland. Meg Matsuzaki photo.

By Quinn Gonzales and Emily Diamond

Crund, queen, lioness, angel, sweethead, honeynut, pineapple cake: this is the language of Siana Ramos.

One of Ramos’s most used term is “crund,” which is a positive state of mind and being that flows through all people.

On Feb. 27, 2014, Ramos created the word crund. She recalls being on the third floor of Cleveland High School, walking down the hall with her friends. She suddenly felt a sound arising from her throat. “The sound was just in my mouth like ‘cr cr cr und.’ It just came out of me: ‘crund crund.’ I started saying it and then that night we had a birthday dinner to go to and the whole night I was just saying it and calling things crundy. And then the word just developed.”

Crund is the core of Ramos. “Crund is this magical amazing essence in everything. It’s crazy.” Students around Cleveland have started using crund in everyday conversation. Ramos explained “I love to spread my crund. I love just running through the halls of Cleveland. Cleveland is the crundiest place I’ve ever been.”

Ramos tries to approach everything with love and a positive attitude. “Whatever I’m doing or whoever I’m talking to, I try to be as authentic as I can and do what I feel. I always try to follow my joy and crund,” she said.

Ramos has found her place at Cleveland and appreciates every day she spends at school. With the help of students and inspiring teachers, she has learned to love herself. Ramos explained, “Freshman year I was in a dysfunctional relationship. Experiencing all that and then getting out of it and dealing with getting out of it really taught me the importance of loving myself and just knowing that I’m good enough for me and I don’t need anyone else’s approval.”

One of the most influential figures for Ramos at Cleveland has been Health and Leadership teacher Camille Adana. “Knowing Camille Adana has helped me so much with self love. I learned all that from Cleveland.” When Ramos thinks of Adana, the first words to come to mind are passion, love and creation. To Ramos, Adana is extremely creative, inspirational, and selfless.

Ramos has a hope for all students at Cleveland; she wants everyone to learn to love themselves in their own way. “My message to all of Cleveland is that you are so amazing, so powerful, you can do anything, you deserve to love yourself, you’re not defined by your mistakes, you are good and you are worthy,” Ramos said.