Eli Morse Continues Baseball at University of Portland

By Allie Montgomery, Sports Editor

As the list of scheduled games for baseball gets shorter and shorter, many seniors will be swinging the bat for the last time. However, Eli Morse’s time on the field is far from over as he will continue on to play for the University of Portland.

His career started when he was just 18 months old, so the sport has become second nature to him. From there, he played on a baseball team since he was five, starting with the Hollywood Little League. After seven years with them, Morse played for the Sellwood Little League and a year later, he joined Portland Baseball Club, where he plays now. Morse was the youngest to join the 18 and under team at the time and started as a pitcher. This a team where every player went on to play for a Division 1 college. “I have to think that my parents are the most influential when it comes to baseball, especially my dad,” said Morse. “I have them to thank for everything.”

Not only does he play club, but Morse has been a key player for Cleveland since freshman year, when he started as a varsity player. His teammate, Terrell Cunningham, said, “He’s killing it. He’s been a varsity starter since his freshman year. He literally took the spot of a senior. Spencer was playing shortstop, then Eli showed up and -boom- Eli’s suddenly a starting player.”

His talents in baseball served him well in the process of looking for colleges. Last year, Morse made the decision to join University of Portland next year due to their interest in him playing baseball for them after looking at half a dozen offers from other colleges.  

Although he is already set for his future in baseball, that doesn’t stop Morse from pushing himself and his team to succeed. “[Playing with him is] astonishing. The man impresses me every day,” said Cunningham. “When the man pitches, every single motion he does has a purpose. He goes out there and he tries to make himself better. He doesn’t have an ego, he’s a team player. In my opinion, he’s the best on this team, but if you looked at the way he treated the guys on the team, you wouldn’t know it. He’s dedicated, he doesn’t get lazy and he works harder than anyone I know.”

Morse even went to every single pre season practice for Cleveland and University of Portland practices, workouts and camps since last summer during his time at Portland Baseball Club. “You never see him that much during the summer because he is putting in work. The man’s better than us, but it’s not because he’s naturally gifted, which he is, he puts in the work,” said Cunningham. Because of his hard work, only time will tell where he goes from here.