What You Need to Know About The IB Extended Essay Showcase


The IB Extended Essay Showcase is a yearly event hosted at Cleveland. The event is this Thursday, Feb. 17, from 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. At this event, seniors who are working to achieve the full IB diploma have the opportunity to present their works. This year, Cleveland has 78 diploma seniors presenting. They all completed the research and writing for a 4000-word academic research paper on a subject and topic of their choice. This research paper is a requirement for earning the IB diploma.

The night begins in the auditorium with a quick orientation. Next, students present in classrooms. There will be five, 10-minute presentations throughout the evening and audience members will pick from among 14-16 options for each session.

Cleveland has held this event since 2010. Even last year, when school was online, the event was hosted virtually. The goal of this event is to have seniors become experts on their topics so that they can teach others about them and continue this tradition. It is encouraged that parents, and friends attend this event, but most importantly, students who are interested in completing an Extended Essay should attend as well.

According to International Baccalaureate Coordinator and TOK 3-4 teacher, Jennifer Wiandt, “It is an inspirational evening for juniors working toward an IB diploma, as they consider the subjects and topics they would like to research. No matter your reason for attending, it is a fun evening for celebrating knowledge and the joy of community-based education.”

Link for schedule for IB Extended Essay Showcase: