Top 10 DIY COVID-19 Remedies

By Patrick Brown, Writer

  1. You’ve heard of botox injections, but what about Clorox?

  2. Go on a run- this must be why everyone’s doing it all of a sudden

  3. Wear a mask when driving- apparently COVID is spread the most when you are in an enclosed space by yourself

  4. Never wash your hands- that way you will build up an immunity

  5. Become an anti-vaxxer- then COVID will be the least of your problems

  6. Invest in a HAZMAT suit

  7. Buy all the hand sanitizer- then you can bathe in it, drink it, etc.

  8. Go ahead and buy all the toilet paper while you’re at it, just for laughs

  9. Book a flight to Florida- apparently it just doesn’t affect people down there

  10. Cough into your hands- you don’t want to spread germs into your elbow, that’s how we shake hands now